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The children enjoyed the wonderful story Off We Go! By Jane Yolen. They particularly enjoyed the animals in the story and wanted to learn more about them. We got informational books about ducks, mice, spiders, snakes, frogs and moles. During a center day the children worked with Mrs. Gamache to choose an animal to research and created a graphic organizer to write down information they learned about their animal.

The next day, the children used the books to help them create drawings of their animals. They were careful to look at details and to make their animals realistic.

During the following tech day, the children typed their information on a Microsoft Word document all by themselves.

We hope you enjoy the presentation!


The children the story Does a Kangaroo Have A Mother Too? by Eric Carle. We decided to make our own version. The children studied pictures of the animals they drew and tried to make them as realistic as possible. Then they had to learn a little bit about the habitat that their animal lived in to create the background. After that we recorded their voices and created the puppet shows. Once we put it all together we had our presentation. We hope you like it.


The children enjoyed listening to the story "Walking through the jungle" by Debbie Harter. We decided to create our own stories. The children each picked a habitat and an animal that lived there to chase them. They picked the backgrounds from kidpix, drew their animal, had their picture taken, read their story and created a puppet show. We all had a great time!


This is our song "A Hunting We Will Go!" which we acted out using masks we made in art class. We colored our background too. It was fun making this podcast.


Our class read the book Off We Go! by Jane Yolen together. Then each of the children shared something they like to do at their grandparents house. This podcast is dedicated to our grandparents who are near and far.